Dimond Shine 2023 – Fabulous Results!

A huge thank you to everyone who joined in DIA’s second annual Dimond Shine Day on March 25. Judging from the number of volunteers, the accomplishments, and the smiling (if tired) faces, it was a great success for the community.

The day’s participants totaled 167, including many families and youngsters. Together this is what we did:

  • Collected 32 bags of green debris and 12 bags of litter 
  • Painted 23 trash cans and bike hitching posts
  • Removed graffiti, tags, and stickers in more than 70 locations
  • Weeded and mulched 31 tree wells
  • Cleaned 17 mosaics 
  • Weeded the Gateway Garden, Bienati Overlook, and Champion Transit Plaza
  • Refreshed 9 large planters with new, more colorful plants
  • Installed pavers, painted poles, removed ivy, and cleaned the parking lot at the Dimond Library

Dimond Shine efforts also started before the event, with these accomplishments in the commercial area:

  • City of Oakland installed three additional trash cans
  • AC Transit and Clear Channel repaired signage displays at two bus shelters

Big thank-yous also go to Giant Burgers, which hosted the kick-off gathering and operational center of the event, and to La Farine, Farmer Joe’s, Peet’s, and Dimond Slice for providing the morning and afternoon refreshments.

Check out photos from the day.

Even if you missed the big event, you don’t need to miss out on the satisfaction and community camaraderie of hands-on work for the Dimond. Occasional and regular opportunities abound: Litter walks every Wednesday and Saturday, graffiti removal most Saturdays, tree or planter “adoption” for watering, and lots of other one-off or ongoing “greening” activities. Email dia@dimondnews.org and tell us your interest–we’ll find a perfect fit!