Public Safety Survey – Deadline October 8

DIA is exploring how best to address the public safety concerns of the Dimond community. We invite residents, shoppers, workers, and people who routinely pass through to take our 2021 Public Safety Survey (también en español) to help us determine what should be improved and how DIA can advocate. The series of questions was designed to better understand our community’s priorities, map out areas of concern, and give DIA a set of long-term goals for promoting safety.

While touching on a range of issues, much of the survey’s focus is on traffic safety and road infrastructure. These are issues generally unseen by the City until accidents occur and often involve long waiting periods to be resolved. Through your collective responses, we aim to identify and speed up necessary changes to our built environment to prevent accidents and improve daily life in the Dimond. We look forward to your input! Friday, October 8, is the deadline to complete the survey.

English Survey          Spanish Survey