DIA Community Grants Program 2024

The Dimond Improvement Association is pleased to announce the 2024 cycle of its Community Grants Program. The program, originally launched in 2020, aims to encourage and support community-based projects that advance DIA’s mission “to make Oakland’s Dimond District a vibrant, safe, and beautiful place for everyone to live, work, shop, and play.” The funding is made possible by proceeds from Oaktoberfest in the Dimond, and DIA membership dues and donations.



12/18/23   Application period opens
1/31/24     Application deadline
2/19/24     Applicants notified of awards
2/28/25     Project completion deadline


Eligible applicants:
Oakland-based groups and individuals are eligible. Groups must be not-for-profit, and may be incorporated or unincorporated. Examples: Community groups, neighborhood councils, school groups, faith-based groups, project-specific alliances.

Eligible projects:
Projects may include, but are not limited to, physical installations and improvements, such as art and landscaping; educational, community engagement, and service programs; and events. Projects must be consistent with the mission of DIA, have a clear public benefit, and have a direct impact on the Dimond District. Applicants need to demonstrate a strong likelihood of achieving the purpose of the project.

Physical projects and improvements may take place on public or private property. Approval from the related agency or property owner is required. Projects on private property must be visible and enjoyable by the general public.

Eligible expenses:
Materials and services related to the project are generally eligible for funding. Funds cannot be used for staff, existing obligations or deficits, or general operating expenses. DIA may request that certain proposed expenses, if deemed inappropriate, be funded through other sources. DIA encourages projects that can demonstrate multiple sources of financial support.

Grant amount:
Funding requests may range from $250 to $1,500, per project per year. Multiple applications for the same project will not be considered in the same grant period.

Application process:
Applications must be submitted by 10:00 p.m., Wednesday, January 31, 2024. Only complete and on-time submissions will be considered. Click on this link to access the application submission form: https://forms.gle/zhDjyY59SRb6DA3p8

Email grants@dimondnews.org with any questions about the application or application submission process.

Evaluation process:
A committee of the DIA Board of Directors will evaluate all applications and recommend to the full board, for its approval, projects to be funded. If needed, a member or members of the committee may communicate with applicants via email, phone, or in person to discuss the application during the evaluation process. DIA may choose not to award all funds available if it determines that an insufficient number of high-quality applications have been submitted. All applicants will be notified of award or denial on or before February 19, 2024.

Receipt of funds:
Fifty percent (50%) of the award amount will be paid within 10 days of award notification. The remaining 50 percent will be paid upon completion of the project and submission of a final report (form will be provided), including evidence of project completion, results, and photos; final project spending summary; and related expense receipts. Grant awardees will need to furnish W-9 information. A 1099-NEC form will be issued for grants if $600.00 or more of the awarded funds are used for expenses other than materials (based on receipt submission).

More information:
Please email grants@dimondnews.org with any questions.

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